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Painted Human Emotion

Eric Armusik, (b. 1973) paints classical figurative art that fuses his life experiences with art history.  His paintings are a declaration to the dramatic power of representational art.  The origin of his inspiration does not lie in academia, but rather his childhood, surrounded by the vivid paintings he saw in Gothic cathedrals as a child.  Eric doesn't aspire to simply paint a figure; he paints a moment, a human experience, and an emotional dialogue that transcends culture, religion and time itself.  If you want realist figurative art you can go to any academic painter.  If you want to know the sublime passion an artist has for the inner souls of the human beings in his paintings, you've come to the right painting website.  The work of Eric Armusik is painted human emotion.  Welcome to

Working on the face of Charon

Here is a progression shot of the face of Charon from Saturday night's session.  I am hoping to push a lot more intensity and detail in the face in my next session.  I've been working in tandem on my Baptism of Christ painting at the same time so there has been a lot of back and forth between the two.  I'm really happy how things are progressing though.  


Studio Update / New Preliminary Charcoal Drawings Available

Good morning, everyone.  Sorry it has been so long since my last update.  Between getting drawings done for future panels and trying to finish up Panel 5, I've been exhausted lately.  I believe I should have Panel 5 finished after just one more sitting so look for finished shots soon!

For now, here are some of the new preliminary drawings I have available for purchase.  You can purchase them now directly through my site on this page.

Check out some of the video and images I've posted in the last week on Instagram.  Follow me there if you aren't already!  Thanks.

Studio Update - October 13, 2017

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Sorry, it has been a few weeks since I posted progress photos of the studio. As you can see I've been able to frame, insulate, run electric, sand and stain the floors and do some trim work for one half of the space. I've been able to minimize the budget through sanding the floor instead of buying new flooring which saved $400 in the budget. I've received an additional small donation which helped buy most of the drywall. At this time I have the remaining wiring, electrical outlets, drywall, the lighting, and heating to finish in order to work in this space during the winter. With a few more contributions I can get this half of the space completed before it gets too cold. I've determined that since the other side of the space needs a floor, walls, wiring, and heating, I will try to finish this side up first so I have a space to work. I've been able to work in this new space the last few nights and it has been fantastic.

I can't thank you all enough for your continued support. Having a space large enough to work on this series is giving me the ability to dive headfirst into the next 36 panels. Thank you very much. I am grateful for your support.

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New Drawing Available - "Homer"

I was going to post two of the preliminary drawings for sale this morning but before I had the chance to I sold the one of Beatrice to a private collection!   I do, however, still have a drawing I did of Homer in preparation for Canto 4, Panel 5: Dante and Virgil Visit the Great Poets of Antiquity in Limbo.  

The drawing is charcoal on toned paper, 9 x 12" and for sale for $150.  Email me using the form below to purchase.  

My drawing of Beatrice, sold to a private collection 9 x 12", charcoal on toned paper