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Eric Armusik, (b. 1973) paints classical figurative art that fuses his life experiences with art history.  His paintings are a declaration to the dramatic power of representational art.  The origin of his inspiration does not lie in academia, but rather his childhood, surrounded by the vivid paintings he saw in Gothic cathedrals as a child.  Eric doesn't aspire to simply paint a figure; he paints a moment, a human experience, and an emotional dialogue that transcends culture, religion and time itself.  If you want realist figurative art you can go to any academic painter.  If you want to know the sublime passion an artist has for the inner souls of the human beings in his paintings, you've come to the right painting website.  The work of Eric Armusik is painted human emotion.  Welcome to

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Are you interested in studying with Eric but live too far away? Learn how to paint in the comfort of your own home by taking a private art lesson online!  This is a great opportunity for art students and young professionals to take advantage of Eric's 25 years of experience as a professional figurative artist and portrait painter.  If you are looking to make huge strides in your technical ability and further your career this is an excellent opportunity you shouldn't pass up.  Lessons are $60/hour.  

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October 4, 2017 - Oil Painting Classes

Before I started working with Eric as my Teacher and Mentor I had become a bit lost in my Journey as a Portraiture Artist. Something was missing in my Artwork that I couldn't      grasp and I was becoming unhappy with my work. Eric immediately got me back on the right track. His methods of teaching are easy to grasp and understand.  His personality is always forthright and fun... Working with Eric is very rewarding and I highly recommend him for any Portraiture student from Beginner to Advanced.

Jul 12, 2017 -  Oil Painting Classes

Great class. I advise anyone who wants to learn how to paint to take Eric's class.


Jimmy  April 11, 2011   -  Oil Painting Classes · In studio

Eric Armusik is an outstanding classical oil painter as well as an experienced oil painting tutor and teacher. Years ago, my daughter, her boyfriend and I, fortunately, had a very good and very successful oil painting classes with him at his home. He did a very good job in his oil painting teaching program and we did benefit a lot from his patient demonstration with all the details. He is a fantastic oil painting artist and trustworthy skillful oil painting teacher so that it really worth for joining any of his programs. I highly recommend Eric Armusik to any of potential students for enriching their individual oil painting career.