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Eric Armusik, (b. 1973) paints classical figurative art that fuses his life experiences with art history.  His paintings are a declaration to the dramatic power of representational art.  The origin of his inspiration does not lie in academia, but rather his childhood, surrounded by the vivid paintings he saw in Gothic cathedrals as a child.  Eric doesn't aspire to simply paint a figure; he paints a moment, a human experience, and an emotional dialogue that transcends culture, religion and time itself.  If you want realist figurative art you can go to any academic painter.  If you want to know the sublime passion an artist has for the inner souls of the human beings in his paintings, you've come to the right painting website.  The work of Eric Armusik is painted human emotion.  Welcome to

The Importance of Balancing Your Passions

It's easy to just focus on one facet of your life and let the whole world fall behind you.  You've seen it time and time again in movies where the suave and sophisticated man is stockbroker of the year but his personal life is riddled with failure.  I've seen it many times over the last few decades with some of my peers in the art business.  They will sacrifice everything to make it big, even if it means leaving a wife, children and even a conscience behind. Life is not worth living unless you can share your success and failures with someone you love.  If you want proof, look at the long list of Hollywood actors and rock and roll stars that self-destructed and took their own lives.  If money, a selfish disposition and ambition were everything, they should be the happiest people in the world.  Being a successful artist is only one component of my life.  Balancing all of your passions may be the harder road to success but in the end, it’s the most fulfilling.

Painting "Circe" oil on birch 48 x 60" in 2015.  I painted it in 14 days - most of that time was working while my family was asleep.

Painting "Circe" oil on birch 48 x 60" in 2015.  I painted it in 14 days - most of that time was working while my family was asleep.

I'll be honest; I don't have the simple life many established artists do - there's nothing Bohemian about our existence here at the Armusik residence.  My wife and I struggle to balance our careers while trying to raise three children in a loving and supportive environment. Over the course of my career, it would not be surprising to see me putting down my palette to change a diaper, help make dinner, clean up vomit or nearly pass out when I realized one of my children drew on finished commission. It isn't easy being a full time successful artist, a loving husband, a devoted father, keeper of a 160-year-old home that is in constant renovation and the day-to-day requirements of life.  Boy, wouldn't it be great to just abandon all of it and get away to teach a workshop in some remote area where it could be all about me?  No.  Sorry.  Wrong guy. 

The love of my life, the talented and beautiful Mrs. Armusik.  My work would not be the same without her.

The love of my life, the talented and beautiful Mrs. Armusik.  My work would not be the same without her.

In almost 19 years of marriage, I've never spent one night away from my wife. When our children were born, we slept crammed in the hospital bed with our newborn on my chest.  Today we have a love and a bond that is unbreakable.  Why?  Because I never put Rebekah, or my children last when it came to my career. And I strongly feel that my understanding of love and sacrifice makes a huge difference in my work. I’ve proved that both will never suffer because I have complete control and the ability to prioritize. I don’t believe that to be a great artist, your life must revolve around painting every minute of the day. Where would you have time to be inspired - to make love, to bask in the joy of living and surrender to the moment? To me, being a true and passionate artist is about having your art echo your life. 

So how do I balance my desire to want to help other artists and yet never leave my wife or family behind?  Welcome to the wide world of the Internet.  For years I've been coaching artists in their business and marketing of their careers.  This month, I'll be offering an opportunity to watch a live demonstration with a model.  This will stream worldwide and it will give everyone an opportunity to chime in and field questions.  No matter where you live you can tune in.  I've had artists from around the globe asking for my help over the years - I've even had artists travel as far as China to study with me but sadly, not everyone has the expendable income. Recently, I've had artists from Africa, Chicago, Seattle, India and Brazil try to come study with me. These students made all the necessary plans and I even helped some of them get their student Visa’s but eventually, their dreams were crushed when at the last moment, their patrons couldn't afford to send them or their student aid wouldn't cover it.  It's heartbreaking to see someone let go of a dream.  I take all of it to heart – to me, it’s never about the money, it’s about seeing the excitement and passion in a students eyes. When I have the unfortunate experience of watching that spark be suffocated over a lack of money, I take it hard.  After seeing so many students disappointed, I knew I needed to do something drastic.

So over the last few months, I began to consider an alternative to the standard workshop. I know that most emerging artists did not have the financial means to purchase a plane ticket, afford a hotel stay and leave a job that pays their bills. And I began to wonder how many artists were not getting the instruction they needed due to the large expense of attending a workshop or one-on-one lessons. Why should any passionate artist be denied any opportunity that could further their career? Why should such instruction be available to only the elite? It seemed wrong. So after many discussions with my wife, I’m choosing to go forward with weekly on-line instruction with the option of one-on one lessons for those who want it. 

For a very small fee you can chime in and watch from the comfort of your own home. You won’t incur traveling expenses or valuable time away from your loved ones or work. You won’t have to complicate your already complicated life and more importantly, you can balance your passions without sacrificing anything. I will be answering all questions and encourage each and every one of you to attend.  I’m looking forward to making a difference in your career and seeing you emerge as the successful artist you were born to be.  

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