Sponsors of the Dante's Inferno Painting Series

It is with my sincere thanks that list these amazing companies who have enabled me to take this Dante's Inferno painting series from a dream to a reality.  I could not have done all of the work I have without their generous support.  Check out their websites and shop their great products!


Jerry's Artarama Makes a Huge Contribution


I have received backing from one of the largest and most trusted art companies in the world, Jerry's Artarama, who will be providing all 40, 4ft x 5ft AlumaComp panels for the Painting Dante's Inferno project. These museum quality archival panels are state of the art construction with a smooth surface that is excellent for my style of painting.  Jerry's Artarama has been the most supportive company behind this entire project helping to supply me with some of their great Charvin Fine Oils from Paris and Hamburg Premier Professional Brushes and other material support to help me make this Dante's Inferno painting series such a success.  If you want the very lowest prices on artist materials and the biggest selection in the world shop at Jerry's Artarama today.  I've been shopping with them since art school 23 years ago.




I'm very happy to have Turner Artists Oils as a supporter of my Dante's Inferno painting series.  From their Turner Bistre Oil to their Titanium White and Ultramarine Blue I've been using a lot of their paints on this project and I could not be happier with their products.  Click here for their website.


An epic project like Dante's Inferno requires an epic amount of studio time.  Most nights I paint well into the early morning to keep this project along with my other studio work on time.  This can wear down the body's immunity.  I can say with absolute honesty that if I did not take the Mighty Immunity supplements and Well Being from Miach Herbs I would have been sick more than a dozen times the past two years.  This would have halted progress and set me back weeks.  The products are organic and they work.  Trust me.  Check out their website for more.  Thank you to Nick from Miach Herbs for all of your support!