Canto 3 - Almost finished

Happy New Year, everyone.  Sorry, it has been so long since I posted an update.  Over the last two months, I've been involved in several exhibitions, a very demanding art competition and tons of commissions that came in just before the holiday season.  To make matters worse I slipped a disc in my back on Dec 30 and lost a few days of painting time until I was able to sit upright and work for long periods.  Fortunately, it's now eight days later and I'm feeling almost 100% again and I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym to work out.  

Check out some of the short videos I shot and posted on Instagram in the last two weeks while working on Canto 3.

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In the last few weeks, I painted all of the rock formations in the foreground and gradually made my way to the distant sky and mountains.  I posted some video on Instagram in mid-December when I was painting Virgil's face.  I got a lot of positive feedback for that and when I posted a few videos of me painting the sky later in December.  You can see some of them above.  I'm really excited to finish this painting up.  With my schedule opening up now you can expect me to paint one of these panels every few weeks.  My goal is to do 20 this year.  We'll see how things end up at the year's end.