Canto 3: Finished!

After several months of planning and painting the first panel in my series, Canto 3, is finished.  The only thing I was unhappy about is that the painting took as long as it did.  There were many weeks where I was trying to find the right look for the costumes, how the fabric flowed and in the end, I was able to purchase the right fabric and "look" that I wanted.   I don't forsee this as being a problem going forward.  Also, I was swamped two different times with commissions and the holidays played a part in distracting me away from my studio.  All in all, I probably worked on the painting for 4 weeks total.  I'd like to see each painting, going forward, down to 2-3 weeks each.  Thanks for all the kind remarks about the first panel.  I hope you'll stick around to see the other 39.