Canto 2: Faces Roughed In, Starting Background

Over the last week, I've roughed in the faces for both Virgil and Beatrice.  I posted some videos detailing the process and were both some of the most viewed posts I've ever had.  In case you didn't get the chance, you can see them here:
- Speed painting of Virgil
- Speed painting of Beatrice

The painting is going really well so far.  I will be working on the courtyard and the castle ruins surrounding Beatrice and Virgil over the next few days.  It's pretty tedious work but I'm looking forward to seeing it painted.  It's my goal, along with balancing a few extra commissions in my studio, to have this painting finished in the next 10 days or so.  

I'm really excited to see how much this project is beginning to pick up steam.  I know many people were excited to see me paint this series but now that I have pictures of several panels together I can see many people starting to get an idea of what I set out to do.  It's only going to grow and get more challenging and to be honest, I can't wait!  Thanks to everyone for your support!