Update on Panel 4 "Charon"


My apologies!  It has been a few weeks since I posted anything showing the progress of Panel 4.  That doesn't mean that I wasn't working.  The holidays tend to slow things down a little.  When left with the choice of spending time with my family or doing computer work I will never pick the latter.  Anyhow, here are a few shots of Charon.  I've worked up two layers of paint on the background in some areas.  Last night I began work on the background behind the figure.  I will continue that work tonight.  Fortunately, with fewer characters in this painting, I'm hoping I will be able to push my productivity forward for the year.  With only 4 paintings completed last year, I need to finish 12 of these paintings a year to finish in time for 2021.  I have several grants in the works and I am looking for additional investors to help me stay in the studio working and less time marketing to make up the difference.  

I am hoping the cold weather snap we've had here is coming to an end soon.  We have had single digit temperatures for the last two weeks and with my studio not quite finished it has been a little colder than normal.  I'll post more shots as I work ahead.  Take care.