Panel 4 "Charon" FINISHED!


I've just completed the fifth panel in my 40 painting series!  As you may remember this panel is actually from Canto 3 and will be the fourth panel in the series.  At the time I was ready to proceed with panel 4 I didn't have a model so I decided to skip this one and move onto panel 5: Dante and Virgil Visit the Great Poets of Antiquity in Limbo.  I don't regret the decision to paint this panel out of sequence because from here on the series will start to descend into hell and the palette for the coming paintings will be much different from the first few.  I hope you enjoy this new painting.  I will be posting detail photos and my customary behind the scenes video for it next week.   For now, I need rest.  I've been pulling a lot of late hours to finish this one by February 1.  I just missed my deadline by a day.  I will be working with the model for Panel 6 on Monday.  The title for Panel 6 will be Minos, Judge of the Damned!

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