Charcoal Drawings

Studio Update / New Preliminary Charcoal Drawings Available

Good morning, everyone.  Sorry it has been so long since my last update.  Between getting drawings done for future panels and trying to finish up Panel 5, I've been exhausted lately.  I believe I should have Panel 5 finished after just one more sitting so look for finished shots soon!

For now, here are some of the new preliminary drawings I have available for purchase.  You can purchase them now directly through my site on this page.

Check out some of the video and images I've posted in the last week on Instagram.  Follow me there if you aren't already!  Thanks.

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New Drawing Available - "Homer"

I was going to post two of the preliminary drawings for sale this morning but before I had the chance to I sold the one of Beatrice to a private collection!   I do, however, still have a drawing I did of Homer in preparation for Canto 4, Panel 5: Dante and Virgil Visit the Great Poets of Antiquity in Limbo.  

The drawing is charcoal on toned paper, 9 x 12" and for sale for $150.  Email me using the form below to purchase.  

My drawing of Beatrice, sold to a private collection 9 x 12", charcoal on toned paper

New Drawing Available - Virgil: Canto 2

Virgil - charcoal on toned paper, 9 x 12" 2017

Virgil - charcoal on toned paper, 9 x 12" 2017

I've had a lot of people asking to see what my process looks like behind the scenes painting Dante's Inferno.  I really love to share the experience here on my blog so you can see how things have been coming together.  This week I sold one of the preliminary drawings I did of Dante to a private collection so I've decided to offer another one of Virgil from Canto 2.  It's a beautiful charcoal on toned paper drawing, 9 x 12" and available for $150 plus shipping.  Anyone interested can email me here.  

This is a great opportunity to own a little piece of this epic series.    I'll be offering drawings like this while I paint the series.   This one I did in preparation for Canto 4 sold to a private collection last week.