Below are a few testimonials from some students that have traveled around the world to study with me in my studio here in Hamburg, PA and regular art students that take drawing lessons and painting lessons online from me from the comfort of their own homes via video each week.   

Individual Workshop Intensive Testimonials



Markéta - Pottsville, PA
October - November 2018 - Weekly Lessons

Learning from Eric is one of the best artistic experiences I've ever had. He is a very patient teacher and no matter your experience, he wants you to succeed and will do what he can to make that happen. He is approachable, kind and honest and will answer your questions without holding anything back. I finished my classes being able to do what was only my dream when I started. So please let me close with a statement that Eric is not only a great artist, he is a great teacher as well and if you are presented with the opportunity to study under him, I highly recommend that you do so - You will not regret it!


Frank Fiametta - Orlando, Florida
December 6-8, 2018 - 3 Day Individual Workshop Intensive

I want to say a big THANK YOU Eric for the last 3 days. You don’t know how much I appreciate the information and skills you taught me. I will take that with me now into great improvements with my pastel and charcoal work! For anyone wishing to greatly improve existing art skills go have Eric teach you 1 on 1!!! Awesome Artist, Awesome Teacher.


Deborah Williams - Tampa, Florida
October 23, 2018 - Oil Painting Classes/Charcoal Drawing - Online

I must say how fortunate I am to be a student of Eric. Besides being a great painter, Eric is patient, respectful, enthusiastic and a brilliant teacher. He is teaching me to see as a painter. My background is in photography following light, shadows and composition. Eric is taking me beyond. I am learning to see as a painter, ( very important ) learn proportions, and more. I am grateful and blessed to have Eric as my instructor. There will be a day that I can say that I learned from one of the best in my lifetime. Thank you Eric!

Sophia Cousoulis - New Jersey
Sept. 14, 2018 - 5 Day Individual Workshop Intensive

Oh yes, but of course , I will definitely give this great artist/teacher/person a 5 star rating .. his skills are amazing and so eager to share them !! I loved watching him work !! I learned so much ... I would recommend him to any one that wants to learn from a great artist who also is a great teacher and a wonderful person !!! I love u Eric!! Thank u ♥️

Carol Merrill-Flitton - website - Syracuse, Utah
Sept. 28, 2018 - 5 Day Individual Workshop Intensive


It was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you on my painting of the Savior. Your kindness, skill and attention to detail are certainly inspiring. Thank you so much for the extra motivation to work on a Savior series. I won't forget the experience!

Ed Spencer, San Diego, California
June 15, 2018 - 5 Day Individual Workshop Intensive


I just finished a 5 day individual workshop with Eric. Let me tell you it was an amazing experience of learning, failing, succeeding, laughing, and doing each day. This experience more than doubled the range of materials, techniques, and visual understanding of what I’m painting. I’ve started incorporating what Eric taught me with what I’ve been doing. Way fun, challenging, and very rewarding. My excitement for painting is the highest it’s ever been. A must do if you're a figurative painter. Just do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Gwen Pullman, Anchorage, Alaska
May 29, 2018 - Artist Consultation / Painting Classes Online

I highly recommend Eric for any artists who is looking to improve. He is not only talented and skillful in all things art, he is able to find what may be holding you back. I was truly amazed by his ability and enthusiasm to find my unifying elements in my past work and bring forth the buried and forgotten thrill and direction I lost somewhere long ago in painting. Artists, even though we commonly work alone, need connection to others with a similar mind set and understanding and Eric has this along with his great success hard earned through trial, error, and nerves of steel. You would certainly be investing in an enriching experience if you decide to take his art sessions. Even if you are undecided and/or unsure about what direction or what you want to accomplish artistically Eric can help you sort it out. He can even work with you at your own pace. I feel very fortunate to have found him and thankful he has time for the one on one sessions with me.

Bliss Auburn, Middletown, RI
May 17-18, 2018 - Individual Workshop Intensive in Painting


I studied with Eric Armusik in person for a 2-day intensive, one on one study of his process. I consider myself a professional, figurative painter with 15 years of experience, and I came to him to hone my skills and improve my workflow. It was incredible how much work we were able to cover in a very short amount of time! Eric guided me through every step and layer of creating a well-rendered portrait painting, and I found myself filling in the gaps of knowledge that I had missed in my foundation. He covered everything from essential materials, to types of brushes for specific techniques, how to organize and mix your palette, and how to build your painting layer by layer. What I really wanted to gain most of all was to learn how professional figurative painters with his caliber of skill render the subject to a high level of realism, and I am very privileged to have left with this essential knowledge.

Not only is Eric Armusik a master in his own right with much to teach, he was a truly great guy to work with! While teaching me the skills I needed, he also gave me invaluable advice about my own career and personal body of work. He’s extremely generous with sharing his experience and his teaching style is both fun and encouraging. I felt as though I had not only gained a mentor but also a friend. Eric has provided me with a workflow and new repertoire of techniques that I will take with me throughout my career and I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with him in his Pennsylvania studio.

Jose M. , Phoenix, AZ
May 15, 2018 - Charcoal Drawing Classes - Online

I had been wanting to learn how to do figure drawing for years but I had always managed to find some reason not to. I decided I had put it off long enough and I booked my first lesson with Eric . At first I was a little intimidated as I was a complete novice but those fears were unfounded. I found Eric to be nonjudgmental, helpful , informative and willing to answer any question I might have. I have been working with Eric for seven months now and I can honestly say I am extremely happy with my progress. I learn something new each lesson, he tailors the lesson to my interests/wants, and the time flies by. I only wish I had started sooner.

Annette J., Boonton, New Jersey
April 2, 2018 - Oil Painting Classes - Online

Eric has helped me understand how to further my skill. He was very patient and understanding of my disability, which is my hearing loss, I depend on lipreading and Eric would type everything out for me making sure I understood what he was doing.
He’s a great artist, a wonderful teacher and I wish I had found him years ago.

Robyn W., Indianapolis, Indiana
October 4, 2017 - Oil Painting Classes - Online

Before I started working with Eric as my Teacher and Mentor I had become a bit lost in my Journey as a Portraiture Artist. Something was missing in my Artwork that I couldn't grasp and I was becoming unhappy with my work. Eric immediately got me back on the right track. His methods of teaching are easy to grasp and understand. His personality is always forthright and fun... Working with Eric is very rewarding and I highly recommend him for any Portraiture student from Beginner to Advanced.

Mike R.  Allentown, PA
Jul 12, 2017 -  Oil Painting Classes - In studio

Great class. I advise anyone who wants to learn how to paint to take Eric's class.

Jimmy Z.,  Tianjin, China
April 11, 2011   -  Oil Painting Workshop · In studio

Working with two students the flew all the way from China to study with me in 2011

Working with two students the flew all the way from China to study with me in 2011


Eric Armusik is an outstanding classical oil painter as well as an experienced oil painting tutor and teacher. Years ago, my daughter, her boyfriend and I, fortunately, had a very good and very successful oil painting classes with him at his home. He did a very good job in his oil painting teaching program and we did benefit a lot from his patient demonstration with all the details. He is a fantastic oil painting artist and trustworthy skillful oil painting teacher so that it really worth for joining any of his programs. I highly recommend Eric Armusik to any of potential students for enriching their individual oil painting career.